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Heinz Geyer
Managing Director



Human Resource Management


We help a select number of clients to identify and recruit Professionals in Asset Management and Private Banking.

Emphasis is on
Experienced Professionals in the following Sectors:

Equity Fund Management

Fixed-Income Fund Management

Asset Management Sales

Real-Estate Management


Career Advice and Coaching

All professionals are sometimes in a situation where an experienced Thought Partner could help them finding a solution to a difficult problem they are faced with at work.

This applies even more to Senior Executives who can find  themselves in  quite a lonely position as they climb up the career ladder.

This may be due to the internal situation in the organisation they are working for, it can be that they find a new role challenging after being promoted.

Younger professionals may speed up their learning process by talking to a seasoned market veteran.

My 50+ years experience in the Financial Markets are at you disposal if you look for an unbiased opinion on how to handle a specific situation that you are reluctant to discuss with colleagues.



Charitable Giving

Temple Associates donates 3% of all Fees to our three chosen Charities who each receive a third of any donation.

Formed in 1957, the MFPA (Mouth and Foot Painting Artists) supports artists who paint without the use of their hands.

The Salvation Army was formed in 1865 and supports society's most vulnerable and marginalised people.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People exists since 1868









Fund Management Industry overdue for a Change?

Change is on the way, we know it, everything in life and business changes all the time. So why should the Fund Management Industry be any different?

Given how the industry evolved from a comparatively tiny base over the past 50 years nobody should be surprised that more changes are coming over the next 50 years (if civilization lasts that long given that reckless gamblers seem to have their finger on the nuclear buttons).

But who knows where the journey will lead us? All one can really do is hire and employ smart people, stay lean in terms or cost and avoid being panicked into poor decisions.

Most people need help with their finances, passive investing will not wipe out good active management and bringing billions of people into a situation where they can afford to save will offer more than enough opportunities for the foreseeable future.





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