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Human Resources


Hiring and developing the right people is the critical factor that determines success or failure in the financial service industry.

We believe that the leaders of any business are crucial for its success. We want to help them do what they are paid to do: manage the business. This means finding the best people to employ and then empower them to do the best possible job.

Temple Associates serves the recruitment needs of Employers in the Asset Management and Private Banking Industries. We focus on the United Kingdom and the German-speaking parts of Europe but in selected segments of the financial markets we are also active in other geographic regions.

Personal contacts created over many years and a state-of-the-art database of potential candidates allow us to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner with candidates that will help our clients to succeed in an increasingly competitive market environment.

A flat organization means that most aspects of a search are handled by the person at Temple Associates that is the prime contact for the client. This guarantees absolute quality control and short lines of communication between candidates and the client.

Successful business needs good People and good Judgment - We provide you with both!

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" A great programmer is ten thousand times the price of a good programmer" (Bill Gates)

How many years of work should you reveal on your resume

Few people feel the need to mention their first job on their resume, but what about that early career job you had 15 years, or even 20 years, ago?
This is exactly how many years of work you should reveal on your resume


Performance Reviews - a superfluous Ritual?

Lucy Kellaway may be on the right track: 'Hire only managers who are able to manage, and who are good at telling people how they are doing, not once a week but all the time'.
Also have a look at Interview with Accenture's CEO: In a big move, Accenture will get rid of annual performance reviews and rankings.

Succession planning often neglected

A new study released by Stanford Business School highlights the cavalier attitude that many organisations take when planning for the eventual replacement of their executives. While we are happy to assist any client in his search for alternatives we think that the first stop in any well-managed company should be their own pool of seasoned and well-trained managers.

Bad interview techniques threat to image of your company

While you, the employer, are watching for clues to find the best and brightest employees, would-be workers are doing the same, wondering: "Are you the best company to work for?" (At Work: How you can hire the best employees, USA Today)

UBS boss hires old friend for senior role

When one reads that the recently appointed CEO of UBS hires a former colleague from his days at Merrill Lynch as Co-Head of Global Investment Banking one has to assume that the hiring old an (business) friend may give a certain amount of comfort and hope that relationships in the top management team will work smoothly. But there is always the danger that sentimental aspects cloud the judgement or that conflicts of interest impede rational decision making or sour the morale of the other team members. The big question is also why a global (?) player like UBS cannot grow its own senior managers. Once you had to be an officer in the Swiss Army to climb the management ladder at the old UBS (before it was taken over by local rival Swiss Bank Corporation) and that surely was not providing an adaequate talent pool (and led to the sorry demise of the 'old' UBS) but has the bank really drawn the right conclusion and found the right formula? The track record over the past 10 plus years speaks a clear verdict.


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