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Strategic  Advice


Temple Associates has developed long-term, senior-level relationships with clients as their independent advisor on strategic transactions such as mergers and acquisitions as well as the introduction of joint venture partners.

During the course of our work as recruitment consultant to a wide range of clients we have built up an extensive network of senior-level contacts. As a consequence we can provide decision-makers with a different perspective when they are confronted with strategic decisions as they try to grow or restructure their business.

Numbers alone can be deceiving and many acquisitions look attractive on paper but ultimately fail because the human element has been neglected during evaluation or later when the acquired business has to be integrated into existing operations.

Clients should also be aware that no deal is a 'must-do' deal. It is easy to get carried away when you pursue an attractive-looking deal. Many executives have gotten their companies in trouble by overreaching and forgetting about exercising discipline.

In addition to advice on strategy we also advise financial services firms on business management and you will find more information by following the link.

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Notable Transactions

Julius Baer
will set aside Sfr 99 Mio to take account of lower value of Kairos Partners that was acquired in several stages between 2012 and 2016.

Update: Julius Baer just announced that the Goodwill has been written down by another Sfr 190 Mio. This means that 300 of the Sfr 500 Mio paid has been lost. (20-Oct-2020)

Comment: Acquisitions need to be carefully analysed. Not only does the valuation have to be correct, in the financial industry extra care has to be expended on assessing the human aspect. How committed are the vendors, are they happy and willing to stay on for a significant amount of time and how much skin in the game will they have?

Anath Capital
acquires Stratton Street  and will integrate the credit fund manager's $500 Mio AuM with its Garraway Capital subsidiary to bring combined AuM to $ 1 Bio.

Comment: While consolidation in the Asset Management space continues it will not end in a completely oligopolistic landscape. The bigger the dominant firms become the less able they will be to differentiate their products or achieve outperformance. This will always leave room for up-and-coming managers - apart from the human desire to run their own business rather than being stuck in huge bureaucracies.

Wisdom Tree acquires ETF Securities' European business (AuM $17.6 Bio). While ETF Sec is partly paid in Wisdom Tree shares the total consideration is approximately $600 Mio.

Comment: The process of consolidation in the ETF market continues, soon all minor players will be gobbled up.

Schroders acquires Swiss Private Equity Fund of Fund Adveq ( $ 7 bio AuM)

Comment: Again one has to wonder why terms, i.e. basically the price paid, is kept under wraps. After all, Schroder is a listed and therefore public entity. As a fund manager it is a trustee for ordinary savers and should be strident in its support for maximum transparency. Is the price too high? or was it a good bargain? And from the seller's perspective the same question applies, though to a lesser extent. The CEO as the likely main beneficiary may want discretion, but from whom? the wife? kids? the tax authority? jealous wider public?

LGT Capital Partners buys Private Debt Manager European Capital (AuM Euro 660 Mio)

Chinese Conglomerate HNA Group acquires 9.9pct of Austrian Fund
Manager C-Quadrat

Old Mutual Wealth's Quilter Cheviot has acquired financial planning and wealth management company Attivo Investment Management for an undisclosed sum

Canadian Pension Fund Brit.Columbia Inv Mgt buys majority stake in alternative lending firm Hayfin Capital Management (£7 Bio under management)

New York Life Investments To Acquire Majority Stake in $ 2 Bio AuM Credit Value Partners

Henderson Investors acquires Janus (AuM $197 Bio) for $2.6 Bio

Swiss Life Asset Managers acquires Property Manager Mayfair Capital

Canada's Fiera Capital buys Emerging Markets Specialist Charlemagne Capital

Wells Fargo Asset Management
buys $ 15 Bio AuM quant specialist Analytic Investors

Dyal Capital Partners has bought a minority stake in middle-market private equity firm H.I.G. Capital. The passive non-voting stake, represents less than 15% of the economic interests of the $ 20 Bio AuM firm.

Pacific Asset Advisors (PAAL), an investment management firm wholly-owned by Pacific Life Insurance Company, has completed its acquisition of Cadence Capital Management, a boutique investment firm with approximately USD4 billion in assets under management.

Swiss Fund Manager GAM announces acquisition of $ 4 Bio AuM quant fund manager Cantab Capital

Goldman's Petershill
sells five Hedge Fund stakes to Affiliated Managers for $800 Mio  (Winton, Capula, CapeView, Partner Fund Management, Mount Lucas Management)

Rothschild acquires AuM Euro 10 Bio Private Client specialist  Martin Maurel (Marseille)

Banque Havilland buys Geneva-based Banque Pasche from Groupe Mutuel-CIC

OCBC’s Bank of Singapore acquires Barclays Wealth Singapore and Hong Kong for 1.75% of $8 Bio AuM

Handelsbanken acquires Euro 2 Bio AuM Optimix Netherlands

KBL European Bankers acquires  Insinger from BNP Paribas, merges it
with T Gilissen

Liechtenstein acquires majority in Vestra Wealth UK

Old Mutal to acquire Singapore’s AAM Advisory
UK-based wealth manager Old Mutual announced it had signed an agreement to acquire Singapore-based independent financial adviser AAM Advisory, which has about 100 staff and $450 million in assets under advice.

Legg Mason acquires $12 Bio AuM EnTrust Hedge Multimanager for $400 Mio (3.3% of AuM)

Aberdeen buys Arden Asset Management - expanding the Hedge Fund business will be a counterweight to exposure to Emerging Markets (8/15)

acquires SSARIS $800 Mio Hedge Fund of Fund

AMG Affiliated Managers takes minority stake in $3.6 Bio AuM Ivory Hedge Fund

AMG Affiliated Managers buys Systematica Hedge Fd stake held by Bluecrest, valuation approx 10% of AuM

Goldman Sachs Asset Mgt acquires $550 Mio AuM Imprint Capital - to extend offering in impact investment. Is it soon de riguer for every asset manager to offer 'impact' investing products or is this a passing fad?

Corsair Capital (Mervyn Davies) and Palamon (L Elson) acquire Currencies Direct for £200 Mio

acq 51% of Cairn Capital for £40 Mio from Royal Bank of Scotland, has option for rest, AuM $5.6 Bio

China's Fosun enters Germany with acquisition of Hauck Aufhaeuser - it will be interesting how this jump into the water will pan out for this Chinese Firm. Dipping the toes may be an intelligent strategy but will it ever produce a meaningful contribution to this large firm's business results?

TIAA-CREF acquires Nuveen, combined AuM reaches $800 Bio, broadens product line-up. But is bond focus a drag on future outlook?

buys Numeric - at first sight the (initial) payment looks reasonable, but the devil may be in the earn-out terms.

Standard Life buys Ignis - boosts AuM to £240 Bio - gathers critical mass.

FX provider HiFX bought by Euronet - not cheap at 15 times EBITDA

Legg Mason to buy former Deutsche Bank Unit QS Investors

BNP Paribas acquires Poland's BGZ Bank from Rabobank - 1.2 times book

SunTrust sells $ 50 Bio AuM RidgeWorth Investments (12/13)

Standard Life Wealth acquires Newton Private Client Business
Firm pays £83.5 Mio and gains £ 5.5 Bio in private client assets

New York Life acquires Dexia Asset Management
If you thought that the market for investment management in Europe was already over-crowded this deal shows that any fund management house that wants to be seen as a global player needs a presence here - despite the best efforts of regulators to frustrate market practitioners.

UBP Union Bancaire Privee acquires Lloyds TSB's International Private Banking Assets

Cantor Fitzgerald acquires $ 3 Bio AuM hedge fund Fintan Partners (3/14)

Orix acquires Robeco
And a new player enters the fund management arena, we wish them good luck!

Morgan Stanley sells Quilter - again
This time the firm is sold to Private Equity for a respectable £175 million which is quite reasonable as a ratio of assets under management  in the current climate (£7.6 billion).

Sumitomo pays $93 mio for 5 pct stake in Moelis
This transaction confirms that - contrary to some cindications - the animal spirits in the financial markets are not yet completely extinct. Together with the sale of Royal Bank of Scotlands aircraft leasing business the other day the deal illustrates that Asian firms try to get a larger footprint in the financial services sector while their competitors - especially the European ones - are under pressure. One can only hope that they have the managerial capability to make the most of the good weather while it lasts, although the historic precedents from the previous forays during the 1980s and 1990s are not favourable.

TPG buys 30% stake in Saxo Bank from General Atlantic and Espirito Santo for US$ 560 Mio valuing it at $ 1.87 Bio.
Saxo Bank proves that the financial service sector does not have to be dominated by the incumbent market leaders as long as market niches and trends are used in an intelligent and cost-effective way to build market share.

UBP Geneva buys ABN Amro's Swiss Private Banking Unit
The trend towards a concentration of private banking activities in stronger hands is continuing with UBP's purchase of the unit that managed Euro 11 billion in client assets.

IPO may value Russian Nomos Bank at 27 pct of assets
If Nomos can get away the sale of 20 pct of the share capital it would highlight the disparities in the valuation of banks. Memories of pre-crash euphoria cannot be dispelled.

CB Richard Ellis buys ING Real Estate Investment for $940 million
Contrary to talk of a property glut and property being overvalued there is strong underlying demand for the asset class as investors are seeking a refuge from volatile equities, bonds and hedge funds.

Bank Leumi pays Sfr 177 mio for Geneva's Banque Safdie
At just under 3 pct of assets under management the price seems to be a fair one.

Raiffeisen buys 70 pct of Polbank - valuation more realistic than pre-crunch
News that the Austrian Raiffeisen International buys a 70 pct stake in the aptly named Polbank in Poland confirms that the market for banking assets in the emerging markets is still decoupled from the market valuations in many developed markets. The price paid to the former holder of the stake, the Greek Eurobank EFG, represents around 12.7 pct of Polbanks balance sheet of Euro 5.5 billion (per Sept 2010). This is a much less aggressive valuation than those seen applied to banks in Eastern Europe a few years ago but still puts a lot of hope into the possibilities of reaping economies of scale from merging the business with Raiffeisen's existing network in Poland.

BBVA acquires 24.9 % stake in Turkey's Garanti Bank

While the price may appear to be high compared to still depressed share prices in most banks it is not a dramatic premium compared to prices paid for banks in emerging markets during the pre-crunch euphoria when they were way above intrinsic value.

Ampega-Gerling buys 32.6% of Austria's C-Quadrat
Consolidation in the asset management industry continues as this opportunistic acquisition demonstrates.

Siemens AG sells its Austrian investment management unit Innovest to Macquarie
The Australian firm continues its expansion into the gaps left in the market by the demise or merger of several large financial houses during the past few years

Credit Suisse pays $425 million for a 30% stake in hedge fund firm York Capital Management
The animal spirits are alive and well - at least at Credit Suisse! But is a minority stake really necessary to get access?

Santander to pay Euro 555 Mio for SEB's German Assets
Not a cheap price for Euro 8.5 Bio in loans and 4.6 Bio in deposits

RHJ completes £225 Mio purchase of Kleinwort Benson
From day one we thought that Dresdner overpaid for KB so this should be a happy departure for a name that still offers cachet.

Santander buys remaining 25% in Santander Mexicano
$2.5 Bio may be small change for the bank but it implies a hefty 20 percent plus of assets

Man Group plc will buy GLG Partners for $1.6 billion in cash and stock
This could turn out to be a turbulent marriage


Sciens Capital Management acquires Partners Group Hedge Fund platform

F&C buys Thames River Capital
Let's hope this helps F&C's share price

Nomura to acquire Nexen Energy Marketing UK
The commodity space remains hot - let's hope it is not a just another bubble

Affiliated Management Group (AMG) buys Artemis Fund Management
How large can you grow a multi-boutique asset manager?

Macquarie acquires Canadian Wealth Manager Blackmont Capital
Asset gathering remains the name of the game

Nomura to acquire London Investment Banking boutique Tricorn Partners

Not all boutiques enjoy to stay single

Consortium buys troubled Constantia Private Bank
The worship of the 'Great Leader' as management style led another ship onto the rocks

Macquarie buys Fox-Pitt Kelton
Space vacated by the demise of some large investment banks gets populated by new players

Ameriprise to Buy Bank of America’s Columbia Funds
Another admission that  banking and asset management often make unhappy bedfellows

Bank of New York Mellon buys largest part of Insight Investment

The transaction demonstrates that prices for institutional asset managers remain depressed

Standard Bank South Africa takes 33% stake in Troika Dialog
A gutsy transaction in extremely difficult times

TD Ameritrade
to buy options specialist thinkorswim
Future of the brokerage industry is not as dark as many commentators predict

Mitsubishi UJF takes stake in Capula Invesment Management
Minority stakes in hedge fund management companies tend to be problematic - for the buyers!

Citibank buys 20% stake in AK Bank
A hefty price for a minority stake

Dexia buys 75% of Denizbank
A very full price



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