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Asset Managers strive to cut Banks out of Forex Dealing

Not sure that FX trading is such a significant drag on performance. Maybe fund managers should just do less frantic in- and out trading. And trying to find counter parties directly at the right time and right size is not going to offer significant rewards. Who wants to take the other side of a 1 billion trade when one knows that the other side HAS to trade?
Asset managers strive to cut out banks from forex dealing

Fund Management: Overdue for a Change?

Change is on the way, we know it, everything in life and business changes all the time. So why should the Fund Management Industry be any different?

Given how the industry evolved from a comparatively tiny base over the past 50 years nobody should be surprised that more changes are coming over the next 50 years (if civilization lasts that long given that reckless gamblers seem to have their finger on the nuclear buttons).

But who knows where the journey will lead us? All one can really do is hire and employ smart people, stay lean in terms or cost and avoid being panicked into poor decisions.

Most people need help with their finances, passive investing will not wipe out good active management and bringing billions of people into a situation where they can afford to save will offer more than enough opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Pay Gap reporting - nothing but an Employment Scheme?

Ever since Pay Reporting for senior Executives became standard practice (and started an upward spiral of executive compensation) virtue signalling via pay gap reporting became more and more pervasive. But does it really help anyone if pay differentials by gender, race, age are scrupulously registered and reported? The inevitable pay gaps will only breed resentment and be endless fodder for self-appointed campaigners and lobbies. After all, there will never be perfect equality and there will always be one group that is paid less than the other side. And why not report by religious affiliation? there might be interesting aspects to discover as well - did not some scholar relate economic success to Protestantism?
That some businesses find it worth their time to call for MORE (!) mandatory regulation (bureaucracy) reminds one of Lenin's bonmot: "The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them"
Companies call for mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting




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