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Coaching and Mentoring                  

Moving up the career ladder also means that executives are becoming more and more cut off from honest feedback from their subordinates. Colleagues and Friends are - rightly or wrongly - seen more often as tools to advance one's own career. Fighting off competitors - internal and external ones - for the next rung up the ladder becomes more important than fostering cordial relationship with former peers.

This dilemma is exacerbated by pressure from one's superiors and this relentless two-sided pressure makes the job more and more lonely the higher one advances in an organisation. The dreaded 'Peter Principle' adds to this negative syndrome.

Many senior - or top - managers consider it unnecessary (or are just too proud) to have a discreet and experienced outside professional who can be a competent sounding board. But this 'Consigliere' may well be helpful when a professional struggles to clear his/her mind about some niggling problem he or she faces as managers or with respect to his/her own career path.

As we offer this service only complementary to our work in recruitment and strategy consulting we can bring a more broadly-based perspective to any discussion.

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"A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment" (John Wooden)


The Kindness of Strangers
As senior executives rise through the ranks, fewer and fewer people are willing to be frank with them" states Peninah Thompson from the Mentoring Foundation in the Financial Times (The kindness of strangers, January 8, 2014). While the article profiles a situation where a senior manager coaches one that is rising in another industry the value of receiving coaching by a senior professional who is not part of your company (or has another conflict of interest) cannot be overstated.

Hector Sants, Antonio Hecta-Osorio - maybe they would have benefited from some Coaching

News that another senior finance professional - this time Hector Sants, Barclays Bank's Head of compliance - needs to take time off to avoid burn-out, highlights the pressure that staff at all levels are facing these days. This burden gets progressively stronger the more an executive moves up the ranks of the organisation.


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